November 21, 2018

Sweet Box: Gift or Curse?

The sweet box you carry when you visit someone, have you ever thought what it contains! It is purely a box of diseases. Not just one or two but a huge number actually. Some of them are diabetic, obesity, heart disease, kidney failure, cancer, skin ageing, acne, liver disease, dental ailments etc. With all these ill effects in a box, I dont think it can anymore be mentioned as a gift, instead it is just a box of curse.

So what do we gift our kith and kin when we visit them?? GROSTAMIN, a perfect alternative which is a rich amalgamation of Almond, Cashew, Pistachio, Walnut, Dates (dried) and ginger chips in Purest possible Honey. It is now available as Grostamin with more nuts and less nuts (You can buy as per your preference).

Some of the benefits of the ingredients in grostamin are listed below:

Purest possible HONEY:

Highly superior alternative for sugar
A natural humectant and cleanser
A substitute to sugar especially for diabetic (type II) patients.
A congenial energy source
A good source of vitamins and minerals
Has beneficial vitamins and minerals that aid weight loss.
An effective antiseptic.
Heals wound
A backup to antibiotics.
A strong immune booster
Combats various diseases.
Has carcinogen- preventing and anti-tumour properties
Enhances memory power
Acts as a “sobering agent” after hangover
Cures sore throat
An excellent Probiotic


Various nutrients are found in abundance
Balances cholesterol level
Maintains healthy weight
Prevents constipation
Develops brain cells and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease
Improves dental and bone strength.
Controls fluctuating blood pressure.
Reduces the rise in glucose and insulin level
Reduces birth defects in newborns


Strengthen bones
Fights against cancer
Safe for heart
Lowers blood pressure
Keeps nerves relaxed
Aids weight loss
Facilitates good digestion thus resulting in growth and development
Converts sugar into energy


Promotes healthy heart
Decreases bad LDL cholesterol
Aids weight loss
Moistens skin
Increases sexual wellness (Aphrodite)
Soothes digestion
Reduces glycation (inappropriate bonding of protein and glucose) thus controls diabetes
High copper content absorbs iron and fights anemia


Increases sleep
Gives lustrous hair
Reduces heart risks
Protects skin
Destroy harmful free radical that causes dementia
Reduces the chance of baby developing food allergies
Reduces risk of breast and pancreatic cancer


Promotes bowel movements
Helps bone development
Combats diseases like osteoporosis
Inhibits the growth of pathological organisms in intestine
Perfect dietary supplement for anemic patient
Alleviates allergies
Keeps body toned and healthy
Perfect energy booster
Reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke
Increase sperm count and motility
Reduces night blindness
Quick remedy for alcoholic intoxication
Controls diarrhea
Cures abdominal cancer


Has powerful anti inflammatory and antioxidant effect
Helps to prevent nausea
Mediates muscle pain and soreness
Also heals osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
Has anti-diabetic properties also
Treats dyspepsia (chronic indigestion)
Manages to reduce menstrual pain(dysmenorrhoea)
Lead to significant reduction of LDL cholesterol and blood triglyceride levels
Have anti cancer properties too

Now you can be guilt free as you are gifting one of the most nutrilicious product to your near and dear ones…

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