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Palm Candy Instant Health Mix

Like palm Jaggery, palm candy has also its importance among the products of palm.

Litchi Honey

There is an peculiar variety of honey extracted from honey comb built in wild litchi tree that is well-known for its typical litchi flavor and glossy texture.

Acacia Honey

Flowers of black locust or false acacia (popularly knows as “The American Acacia”) is the source of blossom for the honey bees to collect pollen for making honey.

Jamun Honey

It s an Amber colored honey that has a bitter taste and a peculiar aroma.

Grofit- C

Crown Grofit-C is a potent and powerful performance- booster in poultry and has an unique blend of carefully selected medicinal herbs for better weight-gain in broilers, increased egg production in layers and improved hatchability in breeders.


Crown Respirotone has special herbal medicines for prophylaxis and treatment against respiratory diseases in birds and animals.