About Us

Yesay Natural products is the exporting firm of Crown Herbal products. It was established in the year 1995. We are one of the leading manufacturers (CHP) and exporters (YNP) of Honey and Honey based products, Human health care products and Animal feed supplements. Our journey started with the export of Animal health care products to Malaysia. Later our export covered wide areas of Korea and Taiwan. Now we have extended our wing and have focusing on the export of Honey and Honey based products.

Our aim is to serve the humankind with natural and pure commodities for the betterment in their lifestyles. We ensure that maximum care is taken duing the processing to deliver the best to our fellow customers. We bring Hi-tech laborotaries and latest machineries into play to deliver top-flight products. We are very particular in choosing our raw materials to avoid any form of compromises in our end result.

Our Services

Our different sectors include Crown Research Laboratory (Production), Crown Marketing Enterprise (Marketing) and Yesay Natural Products (exporting).

  1. Production

    We have doctors with good experience in the medical field doing the research and development based on which production is carried out under the supervision of the skilled technicians.

  2. Marketing

    We have assigned a marketing team, who run around to uplift the brand name and strive to make our products to the general public.

  3. Exporting

    Our exporting team, initially dealt with the export of Animal health care products to countries like Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan etc. At present, they are focusing on honey export to middle East and other possible countries.

Our Mission

Our mission to bring forth high quality and cost efficient herbal products are underpinned by the fulcrum of people, business process and technology.

Our team members are backed with rich skills to leverage the latest technologies that streamline our business process with soaring product needs. Further, we have invested in developing controlled conditions to formulate our products, which makes us the reputable entity with most hygienic and reliable manufacturing base.


Brief History of Our Company


Started exporting Honey & Honey based products


Focus turned towards HONEY


Introduction of Food products


Started exporting animal health care products


Animal health care products were manufactured under Yesay Natural products


Introdution of cosmetic and herbal products


The birth of Crown Herbal Products.